Work Experience

Spasigma Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience. Head of Post-production. Editing proficiency. Hollywood, Los Angeles Based.
TEDx Talks Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience. Proficiency video editing. Event TEDxLA Woman in Los Angeles
Twelve18 Media Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience. Video editor. Los Angeles, Hollywood
Hollywood Casting and Film in Los Angeles. Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience
Showorks Entertainment. Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience. Video editor. Los Angeles, Hollywood
The Wanted Mind Sandra Lena Video Editing Experience and Assistant Director. Proficiency video editing.


January 2009 - Present
Los Angeles, CA

  • Plan content and execute the production for shows, reports, and films.
  • Attend events to gather footage, record sound bites and take photographs.
  • Post-production duties including: creating original graphic designs, video and audio editing.
  • Ideation, conceptualization, and writing of two published books.
  • Translate scripts from both English and Spanish.
  • Develop, design and execute creative concepts for companies creating their logos and websites.
  • Build original sites and reels for actors.

  • Most notable projects from The United States:
    • Editor: shows like Dale Like a Mi Sueño, films (feature and short) like Beyond Myself, documentaries like iSalsa music videos like This Luv
    • DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) for tv shows (like The Africa Miranda Show).
    • Director of Photography for Documentaries like Remembering Return To Oz and Parent Trap.
    • Webdesigner for company: PremDan
    • Writer and designer: children’s book Travel around the words

  • Most notable projects from Spain:
    • Photographer: report for RACE and FIA at the Década de la Acción para la Seguridad Vial 2011-2020 season.
    • Writer and designer: novel Historias de Comienzo
    • Journalist and designer: online magazine Cultrue
    • Editor: doc 50 años en Ocaña, short Unfarewell, music video How do you keep, Madrid tourism promo video, etc.
    • Screenwriter, director and editor of shorts like Déjame vivir, Te lo Mereces, La gota, web series ¿Pizza?, Huellas de la razón
    • Script Supervisor: Va a ser que no.


September 2017 - September 2018
Los Angeles, CA

  • Build and implement a mix of footage, visual effects, still imagery, motion graphics, subtitles, and typography to generate visuals needed for each video project and its finalization.
  • Color correct all videos according to company’s standards.
  • Responsible for audio editing and incorporating sound effects, music, and other visual and audio elements when necessary including sound sweetening.
  • Shows: The Breakdown, Coach Dan, Thin Margins, PQ Series, Training Cases, Surf Series, Glossary Time, Yellow Belt, etc.

TEDx Talks

October - December 2016
Los Angeles, CA

  • TEDx LA Woman: BTS Videographer and Video Editor: giving special attention to the creation of 3D title presentation cards.
  • TEDx LA Imagine: BTS Videographer: giving special attention to capturing every detail from all the speakers, attendants and other props or scenarios created for this event at the Dolby Theater.

Twelve18 Media

September 2017 - September 2008
Los Angeles, CA

  • Create original graphic designs, video and audio editing. Design and compose posters for promos.
  • Bring editing projects from concept to completion using video and graphic composition skills.
  • Assistant Editor for events, and docu-reality webserie: My Life Offline.
  • Editor for reality show: Casa de Vara.
  • Editor for commercials for a variety of platforms for companies and talent. Most notable projects: Michelle Williams iHome, Fragances of Wine, The Journey Collection, Deitrick Haddon, Africa Miranda, Stefani Vara, Kierra Sherad.

Hollywood Casting and Film

September 2015 - October 2017
Los Angeles, CA

    Knowledge of every step of the filming production process:
  • Pre-production duties including:
    • Casting director assistant.
    • Create trusting and open relationship with productions.
    • Direct people both internally and externally to the correct department to contact to get the correct information.

  • Production:
    • Work with a team of producers, coordinators, editors, directors and other roles of the production chain.
    • Most notable projects: Director (Motherhood). Assistant Director (Embezzler). Director of photography (Congrats we are parents).

  • Post-production:
    • In-house official editor (Motherhood, Coffee Snobs, DNR, etc.)

The Wanted Mind

January 2017 - Present
Los Angeles, CA

  • Official in-house editor and Assistant Director.
  • Responsible for online content treatment and audience increasements: Web content developer and designer and Social Media Specialist.
  • Most notable projects and positions:
    • Raices (Editor. Music Video).
    • Come Here (Editor. Music Video).
    • It Is What It Is (Editor, VFX. Film).
    • Love For Brunch (Assistant Director. Film).
    • Livby (Editor, Colorist. Commercial).
    • Timeless (Assistant Director, Editor. Film).
    • Feliz Cumple (Editor, Colorist. Music Video).

Planck Producciones Audiovisuales

October 2011 - March 2012
Madrid, Spain

  • Review, organize and rename footage.
  • Maintain the creative side of documentaries.
  • Edit thoroughly to achieve Producer/Director's vision. Goya Nominee Producer/Director Jaime Bartolomé

  • Most notable projects:
    • Feature film: Pruebas
    • (Award Nominee at Festival de Cine de Madrid 2011)
    • Feature documentaries: Destino Cuba, Iron Horse, Resinas naturales


March 2011 - August 2014
Segovia, Spain

  • Create events, online campaigns, and promotions.
  • Coordinate, execute and monitor digital and social media campaigns.
  • Design flyers and communication approaching articles/videos.
  • Research, conceptualize and write info-marketing reports.
  • Manage commercial strategies.

Sandra is an extraordinarily successful editor who has been able to work with highly distinguished organizations and talent (...) As someone who understands the high level of focus and commitment it takes to see an artistic vision through, I can say that without hesitation that Sandra's talents within a lead role are crucial in ensuring a project’s artistic integrity and success.

Luis A. Cayo
Luis A. Cayo Visual Effects Artist Luis A. Cayo

For a director, it is extremely important to be able to count on an experienced editor that not only brings skills into their work but also understands the vision of the director. Sandra has both qualities.

David Cruz
David Cruz Director/Producer Kruzeta Productions

Training & Complementary Studies

UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)

Entertainment Studies, Awarded with Distinction. Specialization: Editing

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain)

Bachelor in Media Communication & Bachelor in Journalism

PRISA Radio (Madrid, Spain)

Announcer Master Course Prisa Radio, Spanish Media Conglomerate

Santa Monica College (Los Angeles, USA)

Advance English and accent reduction.

Conseil International d'Études Francophones (France)

Conseil International d'Études Francophones (CIEF). French Language Certificate: DELF

CAMBRIDGE Institute (UK)

Proficiency Certificate in English