In A Few Words

Passionate / Cheerful / Earnest / International-Experience / Trilingual

Highly motivated, professional video editor with many years of experience, I create projects with a base of hard-work wrapped in professionalism, always combined with a 100% creativity (+ enthusiasm + smart decision-making + strong communication skills in English, Spanish, and French). All signed with positivity.

Organized and detail oriented, I am accustomed to multi-tasking and tight deadlines. I love building stories through moving images while continuously seeking to improve my skills.

Sandra's contributions to the film were essential to allow "Perfect People" to achieve the multitude of awards, honors and recognition it has achieved today. (...) Furthermore, she not only accomplished the precision and relentless edits needed for the cuts, but she served also as the VFX (visual effects) Artist and Colorist of "Perfect People".

Academy Award Nominee E. Rico Diaz
Academy Award Nominee E. Rico Diaz Award-Winning Director & Producer Buenos Diaz Productions

Sandra was the obvious choice to serve in the leading and critical capacity as Editor on a film I recently wrote titled, One For My Baby. She provided the necessary creative skills, technical expertise, and fresh perspective to turn our raw footage into a cohesive and entertaining film.

Leilani Downer
Leilani Downer Award-Winning Director and WGA Writer Leilani Downer

We cannot endorse Sandra highly enough, it has been a privilege to work with a woman of this caliber on our projects. Her clear professionalism made her a perfect addition to our team. Specifically, Sandra's critical role as Editor for our film Wordplay, proved her extraordinary editing command and knowledge that ultimately saved the film.

Jo Galloway
Jo Galloway Director/Producer ShoWorks Entertainment

Sandra is an excellent post-production leader. She not only has undoubtedly amazing editing skills and innovate ideas but she is also accountable for working for with a diverse group of editors and filmmakers within our studio. (...) In fact, her editing skills are so outstanding that I felt compelled to include her as Editor for an event I produced by TED titled TEDx LA Women.

Sunny Vachher
Sunny Vachher Award-Winning Producer Hollywood Casting And Film